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HTC One X Scratch Test

it is what it says on the tin….a scratch test.



One X vs Galaxy Nexus

A video showcasing the two different flavours of ice cream sandwich!


Ok so as you know I’m a samsung mobiler, that doesn’t mean i’m not interested in other brands or technology though! Here i’m going to tell you about my latest gadget….the HTC One X.

So to start off, this is HTC’s latest flagship phone, it’s running the latest version of android (ice cream sandwich) and comes with a 1.5Ghz quadcore (+1 …more on that later, see the video) processor.  To compliment that it has 1Gb of RAM. Which is plenty for all the multitasking.

The phone itself doesnt have a Micro SD slot however it comes with 32Gb of memory and 25Gb of dropbox storage for two years.

The screen is 720p so it’s stunning to look at.  It’s 4.7inches and has a pixel density of ~312ppi.

The camera on the rear is 8mp and the front facing camera is 1.3mp. Both cameras have some awesome features!

Here’s a few photos and a video of this lovely device.